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CommonSubDoc brings together investors and fund managers by making the onboarding process easy. Gone are the days of the confusing, repetitive and time-consuming process of subscribing to an investment.

  • E-signatures for Capital Activity

    (Utilizing e-signature platforms, CommonSubDoc auto-populates an investor’s information into subscription or redemption documents. The same information can be used for multiple funds and different investments.)

  • Automated AML/KYC

    Using API connectivity with multiple databases, we can instantly process the KYC (know your customer) and AML (anti money laundering) evaluation.

  • Secure Server

    (CommonSubDoc features top of the line cybersecurity and encryption measures to ensure that your documents are secure.)

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    Data Management

    (Important documents can be securely stored for easy access. Items such as W9’s, W8’s, CRS, Accreditation/Qualified Investor Certification and ID’s are available when you need them.)



Simplify Your Backoffice

Fund Managers can build multiple funds on CommonSubDoc, which then becomes available for investors to subscribe. As a fund manager, you will need to create an investor’s profile only once, and thereafter it can be used to prepare documents for multiple subscriptions and transactions across multiple funds on CommonSubDoc. All transactions and documents are prepared and signed electronically.



One Profile For All Investments

Investors (including HNW and institutional investors), can create their profiles and do all the paperwork on CommonSubDoc platform. When you invest in a fund (even if that is not available on our platform), you can do all your paperwork electronically and store the documents for future use and reference. No more preparing W8s, W9s, Self-certifications repetitively



Modernize Investor Services

Fund administrator can build and manage multiple funds and investors under one login with the complete access to all funds and investor profiles on CommonSubDoc. CommonSubDoc provides additional features to perform AML and KYC controls, assign roles to login users All transactions and documents are signed electronically.

Why CommonSubDoc?

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    Simplifies Investor
    Onboarding Process

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    Online access to investors and funds

  3. img-icon

    Secure and encrypted

  4. img-icon

    Capable of handling high volume

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    Automated AML/KYC

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    E-signature integration

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    Customized user-profiles

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    Investor can Invest in
    Multiple Funds

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    Time Saving Process

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    White label branding

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    Reuse similar information

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